Customize the link preview of any site.

Give your followers on social media a proper glimpse of what's to come.


Frame web content the way you want it while still linking back to the original source. Don't feed the trolls.


Quit it with the hokey screenshots and generic default previews. Exercise fine-tuned control of your brand and message.


Hot take? Favorite meme? Peeklinks are a new way to connect with your followers. How will you use them?

Customize link previews with...

text before


text before
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Introduce content your way.

Reaction posts on social media have to do double duty: framing the content of an article, and also reacting to it. It's literally the worst thing in the world. Ok, maybe there are much bigger problems, but it's annoying.

With a peeklink, you can frame web content just the way you'd like it—with text, an image, or a highlighted screenshot—and leave the body of your post for the reaction itself, while responsibly linking back to the original source.

Peeklink is perfect for content creators as well—now you can easily control and modify how your content appears on major platforms. You can even create muliple peeklinks for the same content and see which one does best.

Your followers will love it. It's free and there's no login—give it a try!

who it's for

Who It's For

Social media enthusiasts and content publishers who want precise control over link previews, or want to tee up the perfect reaction post.

who it's not for

Who It's Not For

Nazis, propagandists, and fake news publishers. If you abuse this free service your links will be deactivated or redirected.

Supported on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and iMessage.